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CBD & Black Coffee Scrub 130mg

Combining CBD'S Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties With Coffee's Tightening and Brightening Powers
Combining CBD'S Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties With Coffee's Tightening and Brightening Powers

Use this delightful scrub on both the Face & Body...Both men and women can benefit from this and you are going to love the scent!

Caffeine is a natural tightener and brightener removing dark spots, evening out cellulite and scars and leaving skin younger and brighter while the 130mg of CBD acts as a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory and Emollient for Softening and Soothing the skin.

General Use: Treat your body to this Luxurious Coffee Skin Scrub. Rub on body, neck & face in shower to exfoliate dry surface skin cells and reveil your youthful glow! Naturally treats dark spots, cellulite, and the reduction of inflamed or discolored skin. Aides eczema and psoriasis. A natural antioxidont recognized for skin tightening.

Ingredients: Organic CBD Infused Coconut Oil, Organic Ground Coffee, Instant Coffee, 100% Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar, Cinnamon, Vitamin E, Vanilla Extract

*Caution Hyper Sensitive Skin

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Hi, I am Mary of Mary's Jane. I am so excited for you to experience the life-changing effects of CBD topical use. As a girl who grew up in a big family of predominantly women, I have known the intricacies of aging, self maintenance, and everlasting beauty as they were passed down to me from one generation to the next. The finest oils, vinegars, spices, and herbs were used to clear acne, wrinkles, burns, scars, and unsightly dark spots in my home. Family remedies were used over doctor's visits and recommendations. Today I have combined the holistic components from my female grassroots with the miraculously healing and rejuvenating effects of CBD to give you Mary's Jane. CBD has antibacterial properties, allowing it to work as both an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial on your skin. Applied topically CBD prevents break outs, swelling, puffiness, psoriasis, rashes. CBD heals burns, wounds, and scars faster. Skin conditions reflect a body that is in some way out of balance. CBD re-balances the body back to its homeostasis. And what is better than a body in homeostasis?!


5 Stars *****
OH MY GOSH, I am in LOVE with this stuff! I like to use it on my face and chest and then step our of the water for a few minutes to let it soak in. When I get out of the shower, my skin is so soft I don't even have to use my moisturizer...and the Coffee scent is fabulous!
Highly Recommended!
Dee B - San Diego, CA



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